I'm not exactly sure why I chose to play the game in the first place. I barely played Mall World, not being a huge player of any sort of game at all, but Fashion Designer caught my attention. Just as I suspected, I wasn't impressed at first.

I've never been into fashion, much unlike my sister who is nearly the complete opposite of me other than we both have brown hair and identify as women. I didn't play the game nearly at all until they began adding the fashion shows. Even then, I only submitted once because my sister insisted that I could win. Unfortunately, she was right. ;)

I did win and found that I was pretty good at designing things, even if it wasn't my most favorite thing to do. I'm still not majorly into the game, instead dedicating myself to different wikis like this and other websites that involve more fangirling than fanmaking. However, I find myself coming back, and not just because I am the admin of this wiki. It's quick entertainment and provides for interesting creative expression.

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